More than one way to treat psychosis

From a post on a listserve of therapists:

I held hands with a NZ Maori family here a few months back whose
> beloved son
> went quite wairangi (lost to the world of spirits) after being
> involved in a
> job which brought him in contact with old things; and when these old
> things
> were disturbed the spirits were released and annoyed and haunted
> him….
> This was very bad timing as he had just become a father and was
> struggling
> with a number of other stresses too…. The mental health crisis
> team tried
> to place this young man under our compulsory treatment laws and
> incarcerate
> him; and the extended family nearly had a stand up fight that almost
> came to
> blows before the family whisked him away to the old family home.
> The family
> organised themselves to take shifts to sit with this young man
> through the
> nights and days that followed. A couple of well-nourished uncles and
> cousins
> were very helpful.  The family met every other day as a group, and
> there
> were also many phone calls, as they kept each other up to date with
> what was
> happening.  Things reached a crisis and turning point I’m told, when
> late
> one night, in the wee hours of the morning, both the “minders” on
> duty and
> the young man reported that they saw him levitate off the couch.
> They all
> believed this had occurred and made much meaning from it.  Recovery
> occurred
> quite quickly after that.  He is now back in his former town, with
> his wife
> and child, and back working full time again.  He has changed the
> line of
> work so that he no longer can disturb, or be disturbed by, spirits.
> This
> was all done with no drugs at all.
> I am currently going through the rigmarole of ethics applications to
> write
> this up (what a headache).  One of the fascinating aspects of this
> case is
> the question of whose reality is the ….?


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