Alcohol found to help with social phobia

Can you imagine an MD prescribing ETOH to help a patient be ‘cured’ of social phobia? Ridiculous.  We know that alcohol can lower inhibitions thus leading to better social functioning. Yet none of us would think that alcohol corrects a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes poor social functioning.

Moncrieff and Cohen postulate that antidepressants function in much the same way, not as treatments for diseases but as options to induce abnormal brain states that provide relief for some patients.

Many patients are led to believe, by their physicians and by advertising, that antidepressant drugs will act on the biological cause of their depressed state by rectifying a “chemical imbalance” [56]. On the contrary, our analysis indicates that there are no specific antidepressant drugs, that most of the short-term effects of antidepressants are shared by many other drugs, and that long-term drug treatment with antidepressants or any other drugs has not been shown to lead to long-term elevation of mood. We suggest that the term “antidepressant” should be abandoned. We have proposed an alternative drug-centred model of drug action that is consistent with a demedicalised approach to depression.

Wow. Read the whole thing. Not long.


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