Goings on – family update

Josie is transitioning to her preschool class now that she is turning 3.  She is having some trouble and has been fussy, waking some at night. It is a better fit for her though. She is smiling when Reena picks her up. Her birthday is tomorrow!

Xavier is a boy scout and I helped him do his food drive Saturday. We picked up food in two neighborhoods, one poorer than the other. Interestingly, about the same percentage of people give from the poor neighborhood as the richer one. Generosity seems  not to be  a function of what you have. hmmmmmm.

The kids soccer is over and though I won’t miss running them around,  I do like to see them on the weekends they are with their mother. I guess I’ll be doing more phone calls. I do want to get Gabrielle involved in something she will like.  She’s been talking about volunteering.

The kids are getting their H1N1 vaccination at school tomorrow. Josie had her 1st mist  a few weeks ago.

I am playing on a men’s basketball team at the YMCA and we are 4-1. We are an old group compared to most of the teams we play, but we have very competitive guys and even though we are sucking wind no one beats us by out-hustling us. I got a technical foul two games ago for being a wise ass. I had to pay a $10 fine –  42 year old man acting like I’m 14.

I did this 15 minutes of hell workout for the first time this morning that I ordered on DVD.  I feel tired this morning in a good way. I definitely can’t keep up with the guy. It has Japanese origins though the guy is from southern New England. www.closecombattraining.com I plan to do it daily except for ‘game day’.

Reena has been busy completing Clara Rose’s quilt and a panda blanket to match her sister’s.  We still expect to travel sometime in December but are not sure if we are going to go before or after Christmas.  I am still trying to learn some Chinese daily. Going to China is a motivator.

 Did I say Reena is a great Mommy? I know I seem like a kiss ass, but  she really is… she’s one of those fun moms. She loves to dance to this wiggly song tape with Josie, and Josie loves it.


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