More on patience and kids

I have had a few quotes on patience recently, and my last post about my kids and chores speaks to that issue also.  I think that I have assumed that patience means you stay calm while you wait for something to work out. But how do you really do that? I think you have to be decisive in order to stay calm. Decisiveness is a sign of confidence, not that things will work out, but that you are making the best and safest decision you can in the moment. If you have to make 20 decisions in a minute to really respond to something adequately, than you better do so. The feeling of impatience may be a sign that you have to make another decision, or it may be a sign that you are not following through on the decision you already made. Somewhere in this mix you have to have a mission and purpose for what you are doing. You have to decide on that and stick with it.

I tried to do that in my last post about the kids’ chores – articulate a purpose.  When I was having to hound them, I clearly was not fulfilling that mission and purpose. As a result, I became impatient. But then again, I hadn’t yet clarified my mission and purpose.


You must strive to be patient both with what you want and what what you do not want: for each of them will try you. Exercise both kinds of patience and deserve the human name.



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