Weekend happenings

We went to Providence Place Mall to get a leg up on some Christmas shopping – me , Reena, and Josie. We focused almost exclusively on Gabrielle’ s list. We went to Hollister, where we were greeted by all staff with , ” what’s up”. At Abercrombie’s, they say, “What’s going on?”. And at Delia’s, they say, “Hi, How are you?”.  We also went to Journey’s – a hip tween/teen shoe store.  Josie didn’t like the first two places.  Everywhere you turned there are headless maniqans, and they were scary. She was offered stickers at the shoe place but refused – too pissed off by then. She was a big ‘ole  fussbucket most of the time, as was Reena who has a very bad cold. But Reena did inspire this trip. I have to give her credit. Hollister tried to sell me some cologne. I didn’t want to be a dick and tell them the last thing I want is to smell like their store, so I said nothing. We got home  and everybody crashed and we ended up missing baby Grace’s birthday party.  Crap. Sorry Michelle.

But we are feeling a bit of a pinch these holidays since we don’t know when we are going to be traveling in December to get Clara Rose in China. We’ll bring Grace a friend just about exactly her age – 2 years old, and of course, a little sister for Josie. Josie sees the trip to China to get Rose as an escape from reality whenever things aren’t quite going her way. She’ll whine to us, “I wanna get Rose…..”

I don’t have the G and X this weekend. G was at a birthday slumber party that she said was fun. They went to the library with their Mom today.

I have a basketball game tomorrow at 1 pm. Our team is 5-1. We are a ‘old team’ in this league, but all our guys know how to play and we can all put it in the basket. Most of the other teams have a guy or two that may be a good athlete but really can’t make shots. i think it makes the difference. Tomorrow we are playing another 5-1 team, so we will have a battle.


2 Responses to “Weekend happenings”

  1. JVHCP Says:

    Loved the “weekend’ entry. How was the game on Sunday? Hard for me to grab onto the notion of the guys your age being the “old team”….but, I get it.


  2. Wim Says:

    We won again. It is fun to be on a winning team: 6-1. Next game in 2 weeks. We definitely dominate in the gray and balding department. Our youngest guy is 38.


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