Jesus and Mohammed


I have to say, I really like reading sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. I pulled these from Idries Shah’s Caravan of Dreams.  Though I am not Muslim as my Christian beliefs exclude me from such a claim,  I am not going to deprive myself of the wisdom of his words.

He said one thing that was prophetic:

I am like a man who has lighted a fire, and all the creeping things have rushed to burn themselves in it.

Hmm.. creeping things.. those who follow the baser part of their nature. One can’t help but think of terrorists who kill innocents thinking they are going to heaven. They are going toward something bright alright, but wait ’till they get there.

Another saying:

Anyone reviling a brother for a sin will not himself die before commiting it.

I have reviled people for vile acts they have committed, yet I am quite sure I will not commit those acts. But maybe the sin Mohammed speaks of goes deeper… sins of the heart, as Jesus spoke of: 

 Anyone who lusts in his heart commits adultery.  


Good thoughts are a part of worship.

What to do… if you are going to commit  sin before your death,

Mohammed said:

 Die before your death.

How?  In Christianity, St Paul says the flesh must die.

While we are of the flesh, if we are too kill it, what are we to do.

Mohemmed again:

Treat this world as I do, like a wayfarer; like a horseman who stops in the shade of a tree for awhile, and then moves on.

 Our hopes and expectations for anything permament in this world, those are the sins of the flesh. What led the people we revile to sin anyways…hope and expectation.  What hopes did we have for the person who we  now hate because they dashed those hopes. Do we give up hope then? Hope and expectation is not a luxury available to the wayfarer.

What then do we do if not hope.  Faith in God:


Trust in God…but tie your camel first.

But lest you become obsessed and uptight about  that camel,


Whoever has no kindness has no faith.  

Mohammed again:

My poverty is my pride.  What he lacks is his pride – his open hands – his freedom.


Blessed are the poor


On a journey, the Lord of a people is their servant.


The least among you will be the greatest…


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