Going’s on – 12/20 Sunday

Most Diddly readers probably already know but I’ll mention it anyways. We (Reena, Josie and I) are going to China to get Clara Rose. We have our tickets – leaving New Year’s Day and returning on the 15th. We’ll go to Beijing for a night, then travel by train to Tianjin where the orphanage is. It is only an hour or two from Beijing, on the coast.  We’ll be there about a week and then go to Guangzhou where the adoption will be finalized. Tianjin will be cold but Guangzhou is warm. This trip will be totally different from the first as we will have Josie and be in a cold climate much of the time. With Josie we were in a warm climate while we had her so we could comfortably do more touristy stuff. We’ll see how it goes. We are all excited and hope you follow our blog:  http://overthemoontohome.blogspot.com

Snow still accumulating here in RI. We went out briefly with Josie, she was all giggly but didn’t last long. The dog seems to love running around in it. I shoveled some pathways to the cars but I’ll hold off with more shoveling until it slows down some.

I am pretty much finished wrapping Christmas presents. We went to Wal-Mart and got some stuff for our trip and final Christmas stuff.

So now like most we are kind of stuck but at least we are not having to sweat being behind on shopping, although I need to grocery shop for the week.

We are going to visit my Grandmother at the nursing home with all the kids on Tuesday. We were told she would not likely be well enough to leave the nursing home. I haven’t seen her since July 4th.

So I think I’ll do some vacuuming since I am housebound anyways. I also have to tend to the toilet – it needs a new wax ring underneath. Hopefully once I replace it there will be less clogging. It is hard to unclog so I sometimes get calls when I am on the road to come and do some man strength plunging.

I am supposed to play basketball at 1 pm today but it may be cancelled. We’ll see. Last game before the playoffs. I’ll miss the playoffs, of course.


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