Dorothy’s Gleanings

My grandmother is in hopice care now. She said we could take her things so last weekend we went to look at some stuff. I found this little self-published booklet that apparently was a gift to my grandmother from one of her friends – Dorothy. She wrote:

To Charlotte/with love/from Dorothy/ October 30, 1995/ Hope you will find something meaningful to you.

This was given shortly after my grandfather Klaas died, so my grandmother was still grieving.

My grandmother is a Unitarian and didn’t really have the same beliefs as Dorothy, but she held onto her little booklet.  She has gotten rid of a lot of stuff toward the end of her life so I think her choice to keep it means something.

So I am going to post from Dorothy’s gleanings for awhile here on Diddly. I am having trouble accessing my other blog -chaseover – from work, so Diddly is back for now.

Glean: to collect with patient labor; to pick out. To pick out or gather anything by degrees.


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