Something for Free – Golly Gee.

You can certainly get something free by clicking a link at the end of  this post, but I will be straight with you, if you get the free thing and spend some time on it, you may  want to learn more, and that will involve you spending  money. Don’t say you weren’t warned.  No tricks. Giving you something free is designed to break down barriers so you can see if  this is for you. Actually, it isn’t really free, you have to spend time to get anything of value.  

The purpose of this post is to help you discover some knowledge that I was able to acquire over the last year. It may not be knowledge that will necessarily help you depending on your situation, but it has helped me, personally and professionally. The products I bought to acquire the knowledge are expensive, though as I mentioned above,  one is being given away free, as you’ll find in one of the links below. I believe in these products enough to try and sell them to you. The money I have spent on them has been more than returned so far, and not just with good feelings, but actual dollars . It has also helped me be a more effective decision maker in all realms of my life, including with my family.

I have not had to change my job or do anything drastic, just learned some new information and applied it with some new activity and behavior in the realms of life where I already dwell. No one is upset by it or thinks I am being weirder now. I am also not more normal 🙂

I earn my money as a psychotherapist (LICSW) in the outpatient division of the Department of Psychiatry at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence. (You can reach me directly at 401-444-7052.) I am not a salaried employee so I truly depend on referrals to keep my practice going. In these hard economic times, people are losing their health insurance and generally more reluctant to spend money on anything, including psychotherapy copays. I had never had trouble getting enough referrals since I am part of a large hospital and they tended to just flow my way. My schedule was often too full. When I started to see gaps in my schedule, I grew concerned and knew I had to take action. I was nervous though. I knew I needed to reach out more to potential referral sources. It is one thing to have someone come to my office for help and use my so -called expertise, and another to begin to talk to other professionals and somehow get it across that it would be a great thing for them to start referring their clients and patients to me. I was going to have to learn to do ‘prospecting’ and ‘cold calls’. I procrastinated for a good while.

I was lucky enough to stumble on a book in the business section at the bookstore called Start With No by Jim Camp. I read it and liked it. I visited his website and over time, purchased some of his products. They have not inspired any more courage in me than I ever had. They have not motivated me in any huge way. I am as excitable and wishy washy as ever in many respects. I have discovered something though. I have learned skills that allow me to make effective decisions and maintain emotional control as I try to drum up business for my psychotherapy practice. And much to my surprise, I have also learned to be more helpful to my therapy clients. A larger percentage of my clients are reporting progress that I measure using standardized scales than did prior to my employing this knowledge. So needless to say, I am excited by this , and I want to put it out there.

If you want to learn more, check out the links below or contact me. The first goes to the ‘start with no’ website.

Start With No

The second is a link to a free audio download of his first book:

Free Audiobook Highly Recommended

You can call me at the number above or email me at .


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