The Main Thing

As long as you’re wanting to be thinner, curvier, smarter, more enlightened, less uptight, or whatever it might be, somehow you’re always going to be approaching your problem with the very same logic that created it to begin with: you’re not good enough. That’s why the habitual pattern never unwinds itself  when you’re trying to improve, because you’re going about it in exactly the same style  that caused all the pain to start.

From Start Where You Are by Pema Chodron (Buddhist Nun)

In other words, lighten up folks, you’re never going to get it all together. Sad but also a relief. Pressure’s off…you’re alright.


Exactly! That’s how it is for all of us:  We’re alright, but we’ll never quite accept it, so we’ll spin-off into over protecting ourselves by clinging to and often ruining  what we like and fighting and avoiding what we don’t like about ourselves and others and situations. We resist that we’re fundamentally alright regardless of all that shit – so we suffer more than necessary.

And that is just really actually pretty fucking funny 🙂

 In my home, we have a laughing Buddha hanging in our dining room that we got in China this January when we went to adopt Clara Rose.

I realize now that’s why  he’s laughing…at you, at me, at himself. It’s love and compassion and a gentle nudge to lighten up. You don’t deserve more than your regular quota of pain.

You’re alright…

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