Start and Stop at Will

Know how to do that?  If you don’t in some area of life, I bet you aren’t having fun.  A car without functioning brakes isn’t fun. A car that you can’t start up and drive off isn’t fun. There are even syndromes where women can’t stop themselves from having orgasms (Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome)  . Not fun according to what I’ve read.

When we can’t stop or start at will in some area, we are more likely to seek help .  Feels great when it works out.


What if someone tells you ‘no’ when you go to them for help or a little cooperation? HMMM- a new ‘start and stop at will’ problem.   

    What then?

Try this:          Start With No    Free stuff there.

Fortunately, Diddly is always fun.

You can always start and stop at will here 🙂


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