Farts and flowers

Great conversation with my 3 yo while she was doing morning potty.

J: (Giggling) ” Dad, did you hear that?”

D: Ya, what was that?

J: It was gas. Just a little air.

D:  Wow

J: And Dad, I just love these flowers. (She points to the print on the toilet paper). They are beautiful and my favorite.

D: Wow (what else can I say?)

They brought their favorite stuffed animals today to day care, one of many ‘events’ that are held to keep that special feeling going. Josie has a little piggie and Clara Rose has Elmo. I saw one kid with a huge stuffed snake.

Gabrielle and Xavier were at Challenger soccer camp. It is run by Brits.  No rain today like they had yesterday. They busted their hump and now have sore feet. Fun to hear the kids imitate the Brits.

Example, to express displeasure about something , they call it “rubbish’

that’s like an American saying ‘crap’.

And when they like something , they say “brilliant”

which is like a yank saying , ‘Awesome’.


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