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Exposing the Myth of Win-Win Negotiation

August 1, 2010

This  free audiobook defies current conventional wisdom and completely deconstructs the win-win paradigm. It will validate much of what your common sense already tells you. Useful for both business and personal life. Everyone negotiates – and the ones who are better at it are most effective in their life.  

Free Audiobook on Successful Negotiating


What do I want to do for you?

August 1, 2010

To provide you the opportunity to discuss your requirements in visual detail to be assured you are very clear on how you can become successful.

This is a sort of generic mission and purpose useful in beginning a negotiation.

It is impossible to win or lose a negotiation, it is only possible to move your mission and purpose forward.

Imagine that. Sound to good to be true. Maybe it is. Why don’t you…Start With No

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