The Toughest Negotiation


The toughest negotation is the one you will have with yourself. Speaking for myself, I find that when I tell myself I that I may do something or that I should do something, I am usually playing some sort of game with myself.  Even when I say I will do something, if I don’t actually take action immediately, it really amounts to me not doing it. When I decide not to do something, however, I give myself a chance. Why?? Well, I am no longer playing  a game and all the  problems that are keeping me from doing something will start to arise in my mind. Those justifications may be valid, they may not be, but I can count on them to come to the forefront of my mind as I sit on my  ’no’. This allows me to deal with the problems/’justifications for no’ if I can. When I do, I  get to a more solid standing from which to take action. I avoid putting the cart before the horse.

A ‘no’ may last only 5 minutes, but a bullshit ‘yes’ to action or worse, a ‘maybe’, will often take a lot longer. Even if it doesn’t, I am probably distracted while taking action by not having looked at the problems that the ‘no’ would have allowed me the time to.

Start With No


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