Atheists, theists and maturity

we cannot imagine wanting something—for oneself or those we love—and not having it, without there being an injustice, somewhere.        – Elizabeth Scalia – the Anchoress

She speaks about maturity and immaturity in the post.  It occurred to me that both theists and  atheists are susceptible to this. Theists  in their  insistence in the existence of God so as to lay claim to some hope that all this pain will work itself out in the end, atheists for  insisting that God doesn’t exist because to do so would just be so intellectually unsatisfying with all the suffering that exists in the world. Both forms of immaturity seem to insist on their own way – like a child. So hard to be patient, and wait to see more, to make efforts to see more, so as to grow up. Up you go, and you see even more, and even develop a better sense of where your feet touch the ground, and how to proceed safely. It relates to the growth mindset being the mature alternative versus the fixed mindset that so dominates our world.

We are all human, so we can’t avoid the choice once presented. The notion that being a declared theist or atheist is equivalent to making that choice is a sign of immaturity…like a child thinking that playing in a toy car is the same as driving a real one.


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