Democrats and Republicans failed to negotiate Debt Ceiling Agreement – they bargained

A post by Jim Camp from a Linked-In thread:

“Camp Rule: The Most Dangerous Negotiation You Will Ever Be In Is The One You Don’t Know You Are In! I just wonder how many different players in the Debt Ceiling engagement realized they where in a negotiation. I watched with amuzement as everyone called for compromise. That means they are negotiating. Right! Wrong, they are bargaining. Compromise is not required in negotiation. It may be a decision that can be used but it is never required. The whole kit and kabudle were bargaining and trying to manage results through compromise. How often does compromise to manage results to get something make things worse?

What in the end was missing from this great and visable negotiation? The ultimate foundation of all great acheivements. I thought the President had a Mission and Purpose but in the end I was wrong. Now that the dust has begun to start setteling it is now pretty clear that many experts from finance to manufacturing to economics have declared the compromise agreement the President signed has made things worse. That happens so often when people attempt to manage results with compromise just like Harvard teaches everyday.

What would a valid mission and purpose do for the President or the Congress? Well let’s ask ourselves what is the greates problem facing the global economy. Let’s face it we move the global economy. Many would agree, the biggest problem facing the world is the difficult position of the US economy. So what would a valid mission and purpose look like for this negotiation. Well we have to begin with the overall mission and purpose first. So, let me take a shot at that. To provide the global comunity with the foundation of economic strength and staying power that will allow the world to continue to grow in wisdom, saftey and prosperity. So for this negotiation, To provide the fundamentals required to spur investment in infrastructure, commerce, education, research and development, manufacturing delivering to the world a vision of enthusium and movtivation that will deliver real economic growth.

So now I would like to ask this question. Who in Government and what Pundit gave us any such vision? I am sure many will disagree with the Mission and Purpose I put here but, what would the negotiation have been like if that mission and purpose were in place or something like it? By the way what does history tell us about debt? What does history tell us about the investment in the Lousania Purchase, or how about the act that brought us the great universities under the Land Grant just after the Civil War, or the GI Bill after WWIi, Vietnam, and now? My grandson is attending the Univ. of Chicago on the GI bill earned by his father. What is that worth to our nations future?

I just wonder when the fixed mindsets of humanity will all turn to growth mindsets. Probally never.”

Jim is the creator of the Camp system and his work can be explored for free here:


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