Blaming the psychiatrist for depression isn’t so crazy as it sounds

Another gem from the heroicagencies listserve:

there is an excellent article called  “Psychiatrist effects in the psychopharmacological treatment of depression”, by McKay, Imel, and Wampold, Journal of Affective Disorders 92 (2006) 287-290.Their conclusion: the top third psychiatrists have better outcomes even with a placebo than the bottom third psychiatrists with an SSRI. ´The person of the psychiater makes a difference in the response to anti-depressant medication´.

So how do you know you have a ‘top psychitrist”. There is no surefire way, but I’d start by asking yourself if you feel heard, understood, and respected by them. If it isn’t the medicine alone , and it isn’t magic, than it must be some positive deeling you get while interacting with them.  One good test – see how they handle it if you disagree with them.

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