Leverage and Compromise did not make the United States Great

So what did? Here is a linked-in post exchange between Jim Camp and some other contributors:

“…. a real problem is the President and for that matter a vast majority never think in terms of mission and purpose. The sad thing is leverage is non existant and not in my vocablary. It expresses power over others and has no place in the Camp System of Negotiation. The use of leverage will back fire everytime on the person who employees it and it will create conflict. But, having said that the real problem is we the voters. We fail ourselves, we fall short in history, we fall short in how to grow, if you notice the great entrepreneures of our society are not concerned one bit about debt. The are concerned about vision of positive growth and evey better you don’t hear them calling for no new taxes. I happen to be sick to my stomach that I can’t help out by paying more. Sad.

As long as we as a society follow the Harvard intellects of managing results with compromise we are in trouble. The key is leadership that creates vision like Linclon, Rosevelt, George Washingotn, Churchill, Gandai, Ho Chi Ming. Jim

Lincoln Annas • We agree that the Mission and Purpose statement you propose is one which can create the conditions I desire for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

What do we do next to increase the probability that this will be the outcome?

Jim Camp • That is the million dollar question Linc. I know they are out there, I just hope they show up soon. It is clear no one gets it today. I have to just laugh at the BS of debt. I was once told by a great thinker debt is fine as long as you can service it. I am one of those guys being protected by the GOP but I am trully willing to pay to help. Debt is not bad when it is being invested. Unfortunately, I am not stupid. I know how we got here. My God without forward thinkers who were willing to put this country into servicable debt we would not be the country that we are. Jim


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