Putting my daughter in a bind

Negotiation impacts all of life, and in some ways the impact with family is the most important. My15 yo daughter is a high school soccer player and throughout August they have Captain’s practices.  My wife and I work full-time and transportation is a problem. My wife and I had to rearrange our schedules to make it possible for her to attend, mostly my wife, and I didn’t want her to have so much of the burden. She had to go to work earlier to be able to do it. So I started to bug my daughter more than I care to admit to ask friends if we could carpool. She wouldn’t allow me to call their parents because it just wasn’t a cool thing to do. Her friends seemed to just put off giving her a straight answer. It got very frustrating for all of us, and may have even alienated some of those friends a bit.

Well, I never should have set her up that way. This is a parent to  parent deal. I didn’t go to real decision maker. Her friends couldn’t make the decision.

So if my daughter won’t let me speak to the decision maker – how could I make that happen? There is a way. You need this component of a system to negotiate effectively. Not to mention that it is important in business ie. getting past the receptionist or other blockers to the real decision maker.


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