File down those claws

One thing about making anger and irritation an habitual response to problem is that it tends to lead to your claws getting very sharp. Claws for the most part refers to one’s tongue. It is a good thing the tongue is secure in our mouth because it would do some damage if it had launch capabilities. I have sharpened my claws throughout my life and I am trying to do the opposite now – I file them down. I think of situations that are problematic and imagine a softer initial response. In the past,  I would sort of lazily congratulate myself for being RIGHT and that would leave my claws sharp for the next time the problem arose. I’d typically react as I felt when I last thought about it when I was feeling intensely about it , even if I didn’t really agree with that perspective anymore intellectually. Feeling RIGHT is such a boost for one’s pride and ego that it is very tempting to just leave off with that feeling and supporting thoughts.

There are several benefit of desharpening your claws. Unsharpened claws not only do less damage in a confrontation, they are easier to maintain. They cost less energy and time which will add to your strength. It is hard work to keep your eyes on your claws when they are very sharp and can rip someone up. If you do actually need to inflict pain on someone, as rare a situation as that may be, your extra strength will more than make up for your duller claws.  Duller claws also allow for more uses for your paws.


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