Who is Jim Camp and Why Should You Care?

Below is the answer to the first question:

From http://blog.geisheker.com/2011/04/jim-camp-worlds-top-negotiation-trainer.html#links

About Jim Camp
Jim Camp is a leading global expert on negotiation training and coaching. The Camp System of Negotiation Training has, over the last twenty five years, trained and coached thousands in global negotiations in more than 500 multinational organizations, including Texas Instruments, Intel, Applied Materials, Merrill Lynch, IBM, Cisco Systems, Prudential Insurance, and Nationwide Insurance. Camp is the best-selling author of two negotiation books in 12 languages, Wall Street Journal Best Seller “Start with No®” and CEO Read Best Seller, “No: The Only System Of Negotiation You Need For Work and Home”. Jim is President and CEO of Camp Negotiation Systems and inventor of his proprietary Camp Negotiation Project Management System. Camp and his negotiation training have been featured on CNN, CNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, numerous radio shows, and in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Inc., Cosmopolitan, San Francisco Chronicle, The Columbus Dispatch, The Christian Science Monitor, and San Jose Mercury News. Knight-Ridder Publications declared his negotiation books “must reading.” Camp has lectured on negotiation at many prestigious graduate schools and in such countries as Russia, Romania, Hungary, England, Germany, Singapore, Japan and China. He is a frequent conference keynoter on negotiation and has taught his negotiation training methods in nine countries on three continents.

Answer to the second question:

The art of negotiation is one of the most neglected realms of performance in American life today. For a variety of reasons, most people don’t even know the definition of negotiation. They confuse it with bargaining  or compromise or Win Win. It is just so costly and often dangerous to think of negotiation in these ways. Please stop. There is much better info that you can start to get about it for free here:

Start With No

It was amazing to me how quickly I was able to stop pissing away time, energy, and money by just paying attention to the information available at this link. There are deeper levels, also available for your perusal at this link.  Once you absorb some of the initial info, you will be in a better position to decide if you want to go deeper.



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