How to Use the USEFUL WAYS TO THINK Category on my Blog

I want this blog, and this category in particular, to be a very practical  and hands-on way for people to solve problems. Maybe some day it can become an app and I’ll get rich. I will owe Marvin Minsky though because I pulled these USEFUL WAYS TO THINK from his book – THE EMOTIONAL BRAIN.

So this is an experiment. If I don’t find myself going to this ‘app’ and getting benefit from it, than this project will be ‘scrapped’, or at least, reformulated.

So this is how I suggest you use it:

1. Click on the USEFUL WAYS TO THINK category. ( you are on it now if you are reading this, so just scroll down)

2. Read the first description of a USEFUL WAY TO THINK.

3. Say yes or no to adopting the first USEFUL WAY TO THINK. Move on relatively quickly to the next USEFUL WAY TO THINK.  Think of it like you are on the couch surfing channels with your remote. You should have many more no’s than yes’.


4. Now go through any you’ve said yes to and pick one that you want to start right now, or put on your schedule right now.

5. Repeat if necessary once you’ve tried one way to think. It may take only a few minutes to solve the problem or to realize you need to try another USEFUL WAY TO THINK.


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