The Power of NO from Nightingale-Conant

 Jim Camp Post from Linked in:

“The Power of No” I have the first copy.

You the most difficult thing I think I have ever had to do was listen to my self when I have recorded sessions of training and I had to do some editing. I just don’t like listening to myself. Well I had to do it again for Nightingale_Conant with my new “The Power of No” 6 CD set. Just not fun.

I just received the first copy 2 days ago. I decided to give it to my greatest critic, my wife Patty. She was going to be shopping most of the day and had a lot of driving to do so I asked her if she would “please” listen to it and tell me what she thought. Her first comment was, “I have to listen to you all the time and now you want me to have to listen to you in the car.” Again I said, “please.” She agreed.

Six hours later she came home. I wondered what she thought. She came into the house and said, ” I couldn’t stop listening, it is amazing, it makes perfect sense.” I was shocked and I said really. She said, ” you hit it out of the park.” Well, all I can say is Dave and Dan the two guys who made this work come together with their editing and sound expertise did an amazing job.

Nightingale-Conant told me it will change the negotiation landscape forever. Maybe just maybe this might make a difference in how people look upon negotiations from now on. We’ll see.


PS. We will ge able to take orders in the next few days. I’ll let you know when it is in the store at It will sell for under $100.00


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