Depression is a Desert

I treat lots of people with depression. I have come to view depression as the loss of our desire to do anything because nothing gives pleasure anymore. At least it seems that way. Most of us take that desire and ability to experience pleasure  for granted. We don’t even have to think about it. We want – we do.

It is hard to imagine that disappearing, but when it does, it is hard to escape.

It is like a desert. You are thirsty, so thirsty that you don’t want to move. So you get thristier and thirstier. In depression, you want to feel better like the desert dweller wants water, but you don’t want to move. You won’t find water if you don’t move and start looking. But if you wait to want to move before you do, you will die of dehydration.

These are the stakes, I am afraid. Depression kills. I am not just talking about suicide. Depression kills marraiges, relationships with family and friends, health, employability, etc. Losses start to accumulate. Its depressing 😉

So move. Don’t wait until you want to move. You are not going to want to move initially. But you may find water if you do. You won’t if you don’t move.  If you do, and most do if they move, then you might get some energy and be able to get some momentum to actually leave the desert. Leaving it is the only solution.

NO rah rah- here. Just what I have observed about depression.

 Most people who move before they want to do find water.



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