Honesty is a tricky endeavor

My almost 4 year-old, Clara Rose, had been naughty while her mother was out. She got into something she had been told not to by her mother and me. When her mother came home, she proudly told her that she had been a good girl and had done what she was told.

This was untrue, and I pointed that out. She insisted it was true, she had been good, and kept insisting. I told her that was lying and that it would make me very happy and Mommy very happy if she were honest. She said,

“No it won’t. ”

Well, she had me there. I would be happy in theory, but I’d likely still be petty and have a bit of a ‘gotcha ‘ attitude if she fessed up.  

So, technically, I’ll be happier if she tells the truth, but not ‘very happy’. That’s just bullshit.

I am not quite the expert on honesty that I thought I was.


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