The challenge of recognizing a real live human

This quote from Mirza Ahsan of Tabriz might be instructive for those of us in the mental health field.

Show a man too many camels’ bones , or show them to him too often, and he will not be able to recognize a camel when he comes across a live one.

So what are the equivalent of ‘bones’ for therapists and other people in the mental health or medical field?  I’d say it is our  theories about what holds people together, whether it is the DSM4 or some more chic theory. In our pop psychology culture, this tendency has also infected the larger population.

It is a very seductive albeit useless way to conduct yourself.

Proverb I found at hints at why it is seductive:

No problem is too difficult to be solved by a theoretician.  

The rubber needs to meet the road.  By the time you start theorizing about that, your human will have left you in their dust.

They might still be sitting in front of you, even showing up to appointments, but they will be gone.


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