Awkward race conversation

My daughter Gabrielle is a sophomore in high school and had an interesting conversation with a boy in her gym class. They were walking around the track  and talking about how certain sports tend to have higher representation of certain races – Hispanics in baseball, African-Americans in basketball, etc.

So this boy then said to my daughter that he actually didn’t really like Hispanics, or Blacks, or Asians.

So when my daughter told me this, I was expecting her to describe how she blew up and told him off.

But this is what she said,” I am half Hispanic and my two little sisters are Chinese, so this is awkward.”

And he got quiet. And it was awkward for a little while. And then they changed the subject.

I have to wonder how this boy got to the point where he felt comfortable saying these things. People must be listening and at best acting like they agree with him.

I also have to wonder where my daughter developed that poise, because I was chomping at the bit listening to her tell the story.  She didn’t get it from me.



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