I am still picking a topic for my blog – help (UPDATED)

Ok. I made a decision to pick a topic for my blog, and I wanted to announce it today, but I haven’t quite got it nailed down. Let me throw out some of what I am thinking about, just terms, that I might include in the decription:  balance, due share, psychology, negotiation.

In any situation or realm of life, I want my due share. If I get less then my due share,  I become frustrated and resentful. If I get more than my due share, I feel guilty and even if I don’t, people around me are not going to be happy and that can create a whole host of problems which eventually comes full circle and threaten me keeping even my due share.

Due share doesn’t exactly excite passion in my though. It isn’t a dream or goal that fires me up a la Tony Robbins. I just like having my due share, and I like others having their due share. I like balance. I don’t wake up in the morning and say to myself, ” It is going to be awesome to to stand up and be able to keep my balance as Imake my way to the bathroom.”  But as soon as it is gone, balance, that is, and the sense that I have my due share, then I start to want that ‘thing’ that I think will restore my sense of balance and due share. I may even think I need that restorative ‘thing’. Feeling need makes me needy and really just the idea that I have to be in balance and I have to have my due share becomes a major part of the problem. It can turn into a n obsession even.

So I am trying to pick a topic for my blog, and settling on balance and/or due share. I am not passionate it, but I know it is important, and I often don’t know it when I have it because I just take it for granted, but I know when it is missing, and then I am not in the best position to blog about it because I need it to be able to focus enough to blog and not pursue whatever I imagine will restore it.

What is it – again?

So hard to pin down. Maybe this choice of topics exposes my resistance to picking a real topic for my blog.

Wait a minute – what is reality?

See how I am? See why I am asking for help?

So how about this?

Diddly is a blog about how we can get our due share and enjoy a balanced life through knowledge of psychology and the practice of negotiation.


Maybe I can  make the blog be about valid goal setting.  Valid goals are activities and behaviors that you can start and stop at will.  I learned this from Jim Camp  www.startwithno.com

This blog could be  an effort to demonstrate that valid goal setting is the most effective means of accomplishing anything.

Your thoughts are welcome.




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