How useful is the term ‘goal’ for everyday life?

  Psychologists and self-help writers have borrowed the term’goal’ from sports. It seems like it should help you to focus, but when you really consider what a goal is, it is not so simple. Scoring a goal in sports, especially in competition, is more like a very complicated and expensive project. It is as simple as a ball crossing a line, but so much goes into it. I think if people remembered that they’d be more careful about how they used the term. They also might not be so excessively hard on themselves.

I think this blog is going to be about how we can become more thoughtful and ultimately more effective in our work and home lives. I hesitate to throw away the term’goal’ because so many people recognize it and relate it to progress, but it is such a loaded term that it might be best.

When I use it, I will certainly qualify my decision and put it in context. I think I have some better words that I will be sharing.


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