How I turned into a puppy

I have decided to post every day on this blog but I have conflicts – other stuff I could or should be doing. So that is the dilemma many people face when they make a commitment. Since this blog is about useful ways to think, i ought to take a stab at how to think about this situation.

Part of the problem is I don’t have anything I really have to do today – like give my older kids rides to activities.  I have a lot of little things that deserve my attention equally. I already washed the dishes. My girls are watching TV but they will need some attention soon. At some point I need to grocery shop, xmas stuff needs to be put away- Reena packed up most of it. I want to vacuum. I want to get our laptops from my brother.  about 45 minutes away. Our house alarm sensors are not all working and I have to try to set up aout three of them. Otherwsie the alarm company calls us at midnight to remind me. This has to be by design. I want to work on my Camp negotiation internet course  too.

My son slept over a friends house so I have to be mindful fo what he is doing too.

See, son, you got your own one line paragraph.

How useful is it to me to write all this stuff down in a blog? Well, I got my blog post done for the day. It may be pretty boring to read though. How long could I get away with post like this? Who cares anyways?

The girls just asked for their gummy vitamins. I gave them each their two and they put them in their mouth. Josie said Clara Rose had three. I asked Clara Rose if she had three and she said yes. Fearing an overdose,  I made her spit them out into my hand. Looked like two to me. I ask Joise why she said she had three and I asked Clara Rose why she said she had three, I don’t get it. I threw away the spit up vitamins and and washed my hand and gave her another vitamin. I figured she absorbed one and so one more is safe.

Weird noises are coming from their room while they dress. Josie says that is puppy Clara Rose. They got dressed in record time.  Clara Rose takes forever on weekdays. Does she go faster when she is puppy Clara Rose? Josie just needed help with her zipper. I had to use my awesome Dad force of will and power. They want to watch another episode of Pinky Dinky Doo. I will have to get up.

Instant structure to my time – driven by my two little girls. No thinking, no onerous decisons, just preventing vitamin OD’s and fixing zippers. It is, in a way, like a break for my brain from making those other choices I described earlier in the post.

But Pinky Dinky Doo will change all that, I will be left to my own device for a brief time…I think I am just going to be puppy Wim/Daddy/ Diddly – emphasis on puppy.  



2 Responses to “How I turned into a puppy”

  1. Reena Says:

    Can I get an ETA for when the teen games will be moved to the basement and we can move the playroom into the now computer room?



  2. diddly Says:

    I have some posts to write about you first.


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