Me and My Feelings – What Emotions are and How We Can Manage Them

Written by Robert Guarino and illustrated by Jeff Jackson. It is part of a series for teenagers written to help them understand themselves and how they , as human beings , work. It is often a neglected subject in school.

I read this book as a 44 year old man who earns his living a therapist and though much of it was familiar I did learn some things. It is well researched yet very readable. Reading it, I found myself being better able to process some of my feelings in daily life. I have most of the knowledge in the book, yet the format must have helped me retain the info in a way that it was mor accessible to me, even in moments of upset. Our brains are like powerful and complex computers that are useless without giving the user easy access and application.

I am going to ask my older children to read the book , 13 year old Xavier and 15 year old Gabrielle. I will ask them to share their thoughts and update this review . They have some discussion suggestions at the end of the book that might be fun to do with them. I don’t even have to tell them I am getting the ideas from the book which would surely raise their hackles.

I am going to read another book from the same series called What’s the Catch – How to avoid getting hooked and manipulated.  I’ll do a review of that too.

You can find this book at


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