Disgust – the invisible deterrent to progress

I just recently came across the notion that boredom is a form of mild disgust. When you think about the top reasons why people procrastinate, fear of boredom probabably is at the top of the list.

What is the purpose of disgust ? We have a natural disgust for seeing bodily fluids outside our body. Our disgust causes us to move away from noxious elements that might harbor disease. It is a survival mechanism, and we disobey its mandate at our peril.

Boredom is the result of someone feeling unengaged and understimulated. We basically are not getting what we want. Too much of not getting what we want and we want to move away from the aspects of our environment that are not giving us what we want. It is a yukky feeling, so mild disgust fits my experience of boredom.

Procrastination is a way to fast forward that process of moving away from what is boring us/ disgusting us. We anticipate something is going to be boring so we start moving away from doing it before we even start. We lack faith in our abililty to solve the boredom problem should it arise.

When I get bored I will sometimes turn on the radio, chat with people around,  take breaks that are more stimulating than the task or project at hand,  and the list goes on and on. The boredom problem really isn’t that serious – it is rather mundane, but I think our overestimation of it, and inability to accurately identify it,  really does deter a lot of human progress when it is the root of procrastination.


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