Sync your way to Smooth

I noticed tonight that I was very relaxed while doing tasks that you might consider annoying, washing dishes and preparing food for tomorrow. Surprising. I felt better than I did trying to chill on the couch.

My wife, Reena, was busy, and it just felt better to be busy while she was busy, to be in sync with her. Logically, it doesn’t really matter when I get that stuff done, and I do get it done. But at an emotional level for me and maybe for her, I think it is just a nurturing thing to do, to be in sync with your partners activity level when possible. 

Being in sync with anyone requires that you pay attention and try to anticipate the others moves,  and mimics courting in that way…bring smooth.


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One Response to “Sync your way to Smooth”

  1. Reena Says:

    One of your better posts!



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