What’s the Real Power Behind Coach Bill O’Brien’s Accomplishment?

What did Bill O’Brien do that made it possible for him to land the job with Penn State, even though he is currently still coaching the New England Patriots in the playoffs? How on earth did he convince Bill Belicheck? I thought that he must be a master negotiator when I heard what he had pulled off.

It all made sense after I read this post from LinkedIn by Negotiation Coach and Expert Jim Camp:

Old Age Gratification When Mission and Purpose Deliver

I had the privledge to train to become a football coach under the legendary coach Woody Hayes. It was an amazing experience and the older I get the more I appreciate all the opportunities for self awarness and self improvement I learned.

But now the world of Football coaching has come full circle for me. About 20 years ago we attended our first game at Brown University in Rhode Island. My number 2 son Scott was the quarterback and after the game my family and I were invited to the Frat House for an after game party. I was actively recruiting for Coach Bruce and Ohio State at the time and Scott introduced me to his good frend and soon to become our good friend Billy OBrien. Obie as we all called him almost immediately cornered me to exclaim he was going to be a college coach and what advise could I give him? Well it was the first of many such talks.

Saturday, last, on ESPN at 11:30 am, our OBie was announced as the new head coach at Penn State Univ. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for him and his family. I can tell you Bill OBrien is driven by his mission and purpose. He is living proof that when you have a valid mission and purpose in place amazing things happen. Just wanted to share this with you. All the best

The skills that Bill O’Brien used to successfullt negotiate this will certainly benefit him in what I now predict to be a new and even better era in Penn State football.

I am also  a student of Jim Camp. I really can’t say enough about what he teaches.



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