Look who says Mitt Romney isn’t a Christian

According to the Roman Catholic Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the United Methodist Church,  a Mormon baptism is not a valid Christian baptism.

Not just fundamentalists – mainstream denominations say this.

Google it for yourself.

So does it matter?


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4 Responses to “Look who says Mitt Romney isn’t a Christian”

  1. Reena Says:

    What is the reasoning for this? Is it because Mormons believe their current leader is a prophet of God? Is that it?

    Many Mormons also believe that Mitt Romney will not be elected because he is a Mormon. Link below. Honestly, I didn’t realize he was a Mormon until I saw your post!

    People use to say the same thing about Catholics and now JFK is heralded as one of our greatest presidents.

    I don’t think it should matter.



  2. diddly Says:

    This is an interesting read on the subject.



  3. Reena Says:

    What can you find out more about this?

    Book Claims Romney Tried to Get Pregnant Mom to Give Her Baby Up for Adoption, as reported in Vanity Fair. Link Provided Below.
    The second link is to a first mother blog that talks about this situation. I have to say, I read a few blogs by Mormons and they are clearly, hmm, I’ll just say, ‘less supportive’ of single women who become pregnant parenting their babies.

    And before you or any of your readers ask, she wasn’t considering an abortion and he pushed for adoption.

    So, should being a Mormon matter in one’s voting decision. Maybe not—but this kind of ideology does affect my decision process.




  4. diddly Says:

    Wow.Good research there. I think people are avoiding this kind of digging for fear of sounding bigoted. Political correctness striking again. When you start to look at Mormomism, you begin to become acquainted with some of their beliefs, and I don;t think it is unfair to ask Romney how Mormonism informs his thinking. Obama was affiliated with a church that had a pastor with some views that Obama ultimately couldn’t reconcile with, and he said so and distanced himself from him.


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