Tim Tebow gets it

After the loss to New England , he said,

  ”  …how you go out there, you should be the same at all times…it didn’t matter if it was the first play or the last play or we were down by 42. I was going ot be the same player and I was still going to give everything I have. Because that’s all I have to give. ”   

(  from www.bookwormroom.com)


Who really cares what his religion is, that is just a great mindset.

– be the same at all times…at all times… be the same…give everything

  So interesting – his equanimity comes from an almost reckless kind of commitment to spare nothing of himself – to just give it all,  at all times.

All doubts and questions and challenges that might arise have the same answer.. to be the same at all times..to just give everything.




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