“We need to talk” – words men dread to hear

Men are such wimps. But imagine it going like this:

Her:  We need to talk.

Y0u: Damn right we need to talk.

 Wow. Imagine her surprise. She expects you to get all nervous and cower, but you are chomping at the bit. There is no conviction behind your words, you have never needed to talk in your life, but that doesn’t matter. You are in a great position. Let’s hope you can get creative quick.

This may not work with certain women, so you need to have a range of responses at your disposal.

So lets role play another response:

Her: We need to talk.

You:   take her hand gently, look into her eyes, and say , ” I am so sorry. I want to change.”

You may get out of even having to talk without even knowing what is bothering her.

Ok – another role play.

Her: We need to talk.

You: Ok, but first I need to change my underwear.

Her: Why?

You:  run out of the room sobbing , ” I shit myself.” 


You need to listen 😉


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