Switching it up

Today my family is embarking on an adventure.  I am going to bring our younger daughters to Sunday School, and Reena is going to bring my son to his soccer game. We never do this. I usually run the older kids around. We are  a stepfamily, and the older kids are her stepkids. But we have gotten into a bit of a rut. The reasons why are very complicated and not something I want to blog about. Fact is,  it has gotten to the point where something has to be done. Reena and I went to a therapist for a session to discuss the problem and to talk about how we each want our family to look. We really don’t disagree but actually just needed to talk about some of the painful circumstances that led us to become somewhat stiff and rigid in our roles. It was hard for just the two of us to talk about it. We tried, but we’d get bogged down.

 The kids follow our lead, naturally. It starts with us.  We want all of our kids to see our family as a unit throughout their lives. So I am justabout to leave for church. The girls are protesting…they want Mommy. Xavier doesn’t even know Reena is bringing him to the game ( still refining the communication aspect).

We are jumping into a deeper end of the pool, and we hope it will be more fun for everyone and that the challenge of it will better prepare  them for the deeper waters that they will need to traverse in their lives. And eventually, we will come out stronger and the family can be an even better refuge from the trials and tribulations of the world outside our home.


One Response to “Switching it up”

  1. diddly Says:

    You forgot to mention where the life jackets are located in the deep end. 😀


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