I am not nurturing

My wife says I am not nurturing.

My oldest daughter says it.

My younger two daughter’s say it . Actually, they cry when I am not.

I just had a client say it. He didn’t use the word ‘nurture’, but that is what he was saying. He says I don’t show feeling. I ask for feedback from all clients every session so it was welcome. He actually gave me examples of a few times when I  managed to be nurturing with him.

I was thinking, ” Do you know how hard this job can be? You want me to be feeling every session? I can’t do that! I’ll crash and burn.”

So I got an issue here. I am just not sure what to do about it.


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One Response to “I am not nurturing”

  1. Bob DeConto Says:

    This remids me of one time in your back yard when Nate had an incident that made him upset while playing. I don’t recall the details but I do remember that my recognizing his situation from his point of view (as best as I could) made him feel that it was ok to feel the way he did.
    I remember you being there and commenting on this. Maybe it was just validating his feelings, I forget how you put it but the general idea stayed with me. I guess just knowing the person you are looking for support from, understands where you are comming from goes a long way.


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