What did you do that was really exceptional today?

I asked my 14 yo son Xavier this question. He replied after pausing to think , ” I did pretty good in math today.”

Xavier is used to me asking him questions like this. I will ask him things like , ‘ What was the funniest thing that happened today?” It gets him talking, unlike the standard, ” How was your day? ” which is always met by , “fine”, and the conversation grinds to a halt.

My daughter has been exceptional in track and field this winter. She keeps running faster and faster, beating her personal bests. Last night she ran the 55m and 300 m. She had a personal best in the 55m, 7.8 seconds. The 300 m is her best race, and she thinks she did well in that because she came in second in a fast heat.

Thing is, she doesn’t like track. She wants to play soccer in the Spring instead. Even though she is likely to have an exceptional track high school career if she chooses to, she is going to put effort into the sport that is much less of a sure thing. She hasn’t gotten much playing time as a soccer player, even though I think she deserves it. I disagree with her coaches assessment  of her compared to other players. I fear they are locked into some first impressions of her from freshman year and maybe even some parental politics are impacting them. Even with this uncertainty, though, she wants to go for it.

And that itself, is exceptional 🙂

By the way, my younger girls don’t need these clever questions at all. They love to share everything, and they like to ask the questions. They are not content with my one-word answers either.


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