Anger management is simple subtraction (updated)

Subtract from number of things/people you are trying to control.

Subtract hope and expectation that things are going to go smooth and people are going to accomodate your preferences.

Subtract expectation that everything is going to make sense.

Subtract from velocity of your voice.

Subtract from volume in your voice.

Subtract from number of words you say.

Subtract from speed at which you are trying to force things to get done.

Subtract yourself from the situation when  subtraction isn’t working.

Whatever you don’t subtract will be used as fuel by your anger and make it burn hotter and more destructively.

Subtraction in this context may provoke a sense of loss. 

Sadness may rise up in you as you let go.

Your sadness is an opportunity to bring some compassion to yourself, not really possible while angry.

You will not be less because of all this subtraction, just softer, more flexible, and without  the anger hangover.



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