Bizarro World


 this is bizarro world, these are the rules we dare you to break. Don’t even think about iT!

don’t face life openly. You might have to feel uncomfortablE.

what you avoid imprisons you, but so what, at least when you avoid things you can feel less yuckY.

 don’t say what you mean, feel, and believe because others might not like you anymore, and that would be troublesomE.

don’t accept yourself as you are. Pretend you’re someone different, then if you make a mistake it wasn’t you anywaY.

don’t accept others as they are either, they might think they can get over on yoU.

hold onto the past, and remember, your version of your past  is the besT.

don’t take responsibility for your life and how it has turned out. That would be ridiculouS.

have a dream for a better life but don’t commit to it, or else you may be disappointeD.

be kind to yourself when you get around to iT.

find something to wish for and remember you don’t have it yet, then forget about iT.

forgive only if they deserve iT.

try hardeR.

try to change or fix otherS.

try to control otherS.

expect the person who hurt you to apologizE.

expect people to be nicer to you than they are to themselveS.

expect others to recognize your goodness or accomplishmentS.

expect people to understand yoU.

test otherS.

wait for permission to do what is best for yoU.

Bizarro world – do you live there already? do you want to join us?

Bizarro world – where people really understand how dangerous the truth is, and will do anything to help you stay safe, in control, and emotionally stimulated.



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