Snapshot of a rough morning 4 years ago

At work we are getting new computers, so I am having to move a lot of files around and clean up the ones I don’t need. Several of my more recent posts are a result of this process.

 Xavier has just turned 10 years old when this happened:


 I am upset with myself for how I dealt with Xavier this morning. He was playing on the computer, and I thought he has finished everything he had to do to be ready. But he hadn’t brushed his teeth or combed his hair. It is his first day back from being at his mother where there doesn’t seem to be any routine, so maybe that explains why. He also had pictures today so I was frustrated that of all days he chose today not to attend to his hair, especially when he seemed motivated last night about it. So I was surprised and ragged on him, told him no computer the next morning he is at my house. He looked very unhappy at the bus stop when I brought him his comb. I should have asked him to sit with me in the car until the bus came and smoothed things over .  

 Maybe when you love yourself too much you don’t think you should ever have to feel disappointment or surprise. Everyone should always be totally honest. Maybe I need to love God more, and others more, and not be so into myself.

 The path is none other than service.”



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