Functions of anger – might as well make it work for you

Anger:  one of the most frequent causes – someone interfering with what we are intent on doing.

–          apart from rare circumstances when anger helps us to stop a threat, angry feelings warn us that we are getting closer to making our anger public and making things worse

 –          anger can motivate us to stop or change whatever caused us to feel angry

 –          anger at injustice motivates actions to bring about change

 –          useful to direct anger at actions not people and adhere to intent not to hurt actors but bring attention to the solution of the problem caused by the actions

 –          anger and fear often occur in the same situation, in response to the same threats, and anger can be helpful in reducing the fear and provide energy that mobilizes actions to deal with the threat

 –          anger informs others of trouble

 –          anger can be a clear signal to someone that what they are doing is objectionable

 –          past angry events can be remembered without become angry if there is no backlog and if the specific event was resolved, they are more likelyto provoke further anger if they are unresolved and/or there is a backlog

 –          referential expressions require a reference to the ‘real thing’


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