Jumpstarting questions and concepts

What do you know about your recovery that XXXXXXXX doesn’t?

Relentlessly blame clients for their success and improvement.

saying by Michel Callon: “To speak for others is to first silence those in whose name we speak.”

“What in my life would improve so greatly if I got this thing the way I want it?”

“What do I have to believe to feel this way?”

“If I really felt powerful and unafraid, what would I be doing?”

The illusion that we are not choosing is what locks us out of the beauty of life>”

Stare down the fear that you’re not enough.

Provoke strength.

Two magic words:


What are they comparing ‘it’ (eg- ORS scores) to?

God Box

What else MIGHT cause someone to behave this way?

Is there anything I’m not seeing here because I’m so used to my own model of the world?

How can I ask myself an even better question right now?

Smooth seas do not make skillfull sailors.


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