It is hardest to be calm and effective with the ones you love

I am referring to how difficult it can be to get along with family, to work out problems and not have it turn into a freak show.  Odd since we are so highly motivated usually to help each other be happy. Motivation is not enough.

I think the problem is that with family we run with a lot of assumptions . We assume we know people and what they think and what they will do.  As a result, we get in trouble. Those assumptions make us careless.

With strangers, we are less liklely to make assumptions. We are more careful and more observant.

So maybe treating everyone like a stranger, especially the ones you love, is the beginning of a remedy.

Fewer aaumptions that way.


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One Response to “It is hardest to be calm and effective with the ones you love”

  1. calamity4e Says:

    Two of the children in our home are teenagers– there is NOTHING more strange than teenagers (are you that old that you have forgotten?).

    It will pass in time– just in time for the next two to morph into strange teenagers.

    At least you have your oh so normal wife to cling to.


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