God serves us when we serve others. He has no choice.

That’s my Easter inspired thought.

 When we serve others, we obey God, submitting to his authority. He then serves us. He has no choice.  I have observed that you don’t even have to believe in God or Christian doctrine for this to be true. He will serve you regardless.

Do we want to ride that wave of power, or play in mud puddles?

That’s our choice.

But God’s service to us does not protect us from pain, even the most horrific kind – that’s the message of the cross.

That pain and tragedy is never the end of the story as long as you assure that his power is made available to you by choosing  to serve the good for others and this creation.  

You don’t have to know how. You can even fail over and over as you try to serve. It is not a pressure situation. As long as your spirit is willing, and you nurture that spirit  as best you can.


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