You are not on a journey ;)

Notes from a talk by Tyler Cowen on TED talks

When you tell a story, you lower your IQ by 10 points or more.

Example of a story hookline:

“We have to get tough on……..”

–         stains

–         banks

–         unions

–         Jews

–         bullies

What’s the problem with stories?

1)      They are too simple

2)      You can only fit so many stories into your mind at once. One story nudges out other possibilities.

     Example: The story you tell yourself that your job is very important, or that your thoughts are very important, as was conveyed in the book , “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell.

We are too easily seduced by stories, and many of these social psychology books are “stories”. They  can foster bias, and make it worse

3)      Outsiders use stories to manipulate us

Since stories are so ubiquitous, what can you do to avoid the hazards.

What are the stories that no one has the incentive to tell?

What story do you take away from this blog post ?

            “it is a quest”

            “ it is a rebirth”

.     “ I used to think too much in terms of stories”

      “it is a tragedy”

Complex unintended consequences don’t make a good story.

Don’t let stories make you too happy or passionate  or relieved.

Be a little more messy and incomplete and incomplete.

You are not on a journey.


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