If your kid is getting teased and bullied- have them try this

My daughter , 5 yo Josie, came home from school and was asking for my help with a problem with a couple of boys who were teasing her. They were saying, ” ha ha ha ha ha”   in that sing songy way where you know you are being ridiculed.

She didn’t want to tell on them because she is already starting to understand that telling on other kids is not a way to be liked and respected.

So it took me a while when my wife put me on the spot and told me to help Josie out, but here was my suggestion:

Ask the kids to say it louder. If they do , ask them to say it even louder. Ask them to keep going until the teachers get annoyed. If they refuse to say it louder, ask them if they are scared to say it louder. In other words, dare them.  

Josie didn’t like this idea too much. She decided she’d like to just stay quiet and move away from them. That would be boring for them, and it would likely lead  them to decide to stop.  




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