I want you to know some stuff I wish I knew about asking out girls back in the day

You have to ask girls out if you want one to go out with you. I don’t just mean this in the way that people say that you can’t win if you don’t play like people talk about the lottery.

I mean that if it becomes general knowledge among girls in your cohort that when you like a girl you are going to let her know it and gracefully accept her answer, it does a couple of things for you. Number one, girls will not be able to just say that you are eventually going to ask them out. In other words, they now know that when you like a girl you make a move . You have the balls to do it. If they want your attention, they will realize that they are going to have to seek it, since they now know that if you are not seeking theirs. it isn’t because you are afraid, it is because you are not interested enough yet. In other words, you just became a challenge.  Second, the girl who said no to you, assuming she said no, is going to have to justify her answer in her mind and to other girls. Assuming there is more to you than meets the eye, you are going to get second looks from her and other girls who didn’t even have you on their radar before.

And getting on girls radar for the right reasons is everything. The girl who said no to you, assuming you don’t chase her and get creepy, will think of you fondly because she got an ego boost from you. Girls like to know  people are interested, even when they are not.

If  I am wrong on any of this, please let me know, especially any female readers out there.

I hope I can share this with my son so he can avoid beig the foolish coward Iwas.


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